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With a background in the church,

I perform spiritual and

traditional religious ceremonies,

as well as contemporary or non-denominational personal vows you have written for each other. 

I also perform vow renewals

and baby dedications. Please visit my Baby Dedication Website at:

For each and every ceremony,

this day should reflect

the unique journey of love

that has brought you to this

moment of commitment.


Premarital Counseling

Studies have shown that premarital counseling enriches the marriage which follows, and helps to ensure that the marriage is lifelong.

I have been trained as a certified counselor in a very successful, scientifically developed and researched premarital counseling program called Prepare-Enrich. Over 2 million couples have completed this fun and rewarding program, wherein couples identify their strengths, and learn tools to resolve any conflicts that may arise in the future.

Counseling usually takes place

in a series of 3-5 sessions.